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All Bikie Girl Bloomers clothing is made in Los Angeles, California, using locally-sourced fabrics.

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Bikie Girl Bloomers
Smart clothing for women on a roll, and . . . for whatever blows your skirt up!

Our mission is to inspire more women to get on their bikes and ride. It doesn't have to be an athletic endeavor, and it doesn't have to involve changing your clothes when you reach your destination. Whether you are riding a bike, a scooter, or a golf cart, climbing on the jungle gym or climbing the corporate ladder, you deserve to look good and feel good!

Bikie Girl Bloomers shorts, tops, and skirts are designed to be comfortable both on and off the bike, suitable for riding, spending a day at the office, twirling on the dance floor, meeting a friend for coffee, or heading out for a night on the town. Why choose between practical and fashionable, when you can have both?

The inspiration for Bikie Girl Bloomers shorts and skirts arose from my own commuting experience. I tried all kinds of clothes for biking to work: pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and skorts. Nothing was quite right for both the logistics of riding and a day at the office. Whenever the wind blew my skirt up, I found myself thinking how fun it would be if what was revealed in such moments showed a little more style. Bikie Girl Bloomers was the perfect solution for me. I hope you like these as much as I do!
Happy riding!

To contact Bikie Girl for customer service, please email If you need to reach Bikie Girl by telephone, you may call 310.601.4600. Messages left at this number will receive prompt attention.

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Bikie Girl Bloomers
3701 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 508
Los Angeles, CA 90010
My bike style: flexible-casual, which spans weekend errands, office attire, and date nights.