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All Bikie Girl Bloomers clothing is made in Los Angeles, California, using locally-sourced fabrics.

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2PCDRESS   Bike It Or Not Two Piece Dress
BEX   Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save The Economy
SET   Bikie Girl Bloomers Trio Set
BG-004   Bikie Girl Drape Neck Top
BG-005-BBP   Black Bloomers - Plus Size
BBB   Blue Bandana Bloomers
BBP   Blue Bandana Pettipants
BDB   Blue Denim Bloomers
BDP   Blue Denim Pettipants
BNT   Boat Neck Tee
BNT-0021   Boat Neck Tee - Fuchsia - Small
BNT-0029   Boat Neck Tee - Red - Small
CDB   Crazy Daisy Bloomers
CDP   Crazy Daisy Pettipants
CTX   Cycletherapy: Grief and Healing on Two Wheels
TDB   Groovy Tie Dye Bloomers
TDP   Groovy Tie Dye Pettipants
HFS   Hitchable Flounce Skirt - Classic High Waist
BG-003   Hitchable Flounce Skirt - Wider, Lower Waist
BG-006   Hitchable Flounce Skirt Plus Size
ZPR   Hot Pink Zephyr Shorts
JTB   Jeweltone Bloomers
JTP   Jeweltone Bloomers - Plus Size
LLL   Leaping Lady Leopard Bloomers
LLLS-0001   Leaping Lady Leopard Shorts - S (4-6)
OBB   Our Bodies, Our Bikes
BG-005-PZB   Pink Zebra Bloomers - Plus Size
ZBR   Pink Zephyr Bloomers
BG-001-PDB   Pinka Dot Black Bloomers
BG-005-PDB   Pinka Dot Black Bloomers - Plus Size
BG-002-PDP   Pinka Dot Black Pettipants
DOT   Red Hot Aqua Dot Bloomers
BG-002-ADP   Red Hot Aqua Dot Pettipants
DOTS-0001   Red Hot Aqua Dot Shorts - XS (0-2)
FLM   Smokin' Hot Flame Bloomers
BG-005-FBP   Smokin' Hot Flames Bloomers - Plus Size
test12   test12
CMPLTSET   The Complete Bikie Girl Outfit
SKTCH   The Skitch (TM)
TWP   ThighWise Pettipants
WBB   Wick-It Black Bloomers
WBP   Wick-It Black Pettipants
ECL   Women's Essential Cycling Liner by ZOIC

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